How do I save a contact on my Tecno spark 4 using emoji?

Holla Today we will be talking more on Tecno devices. Have you tried to save your favorite contacts with sweet emoji and you find it so hard to do ore don't know how to accomplish that. We will dive in to that in this article.

To save a contact in Tecno Spark 4 using emoji, Remember, Tecno Spark 4 series are running on Android Pie this means that it will work on both the Spark 4 and Spark 4 air, All you need to do is open your contact app and select option to create a new contact.

And so remember to select were to store the contact, sim card storage don't support emoji or long names, so you have to select either to store the contact in your Google account or Phone storage.

Then fill up the necessary information and select the emoji you want as the name of your contact (Some keyboard has more emoji than other so I prefer you to make use of G board or SwiftKey keyboard) when your done save the contact and here is it your contact is now saved with emoji instead of their Name.

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