GTA 5 For Android All you need to know

The GTA franchise is one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world. Rockstar Games can easily be called as one of the best game developers, especially with GTA 5 resulting in a giant success.

It is not only one of the best selling video games of all time but also valued highly among the entertainment properties, including movies, music, and books.

Rockstar truly hit it out of the park with the GTA franchise. With the rise of mobile gaming, they have released several games for Android and iOS devices too.

The list of official GTA games for Android include:

GTA: Vice City
GTA: San Andreas
GTA: Chinatown Wars
GTA: Liberty City Stories

Rockstar Games have not yet released an official version of GTA 5 for either Android or iOS devices. There might be plans to release the game for mobile devices in the future but Rockstar has been relatively quiet on that front.
Both GTA IV and V are relatively large, compared to the ones released on Android before such as GTA: Vice City. Porting these titles to mobile devices is an extremely difficult task.

Many third-party websites and blogs offer illegal downloads of GTA 5 APKs and OBBs for free. However, keep in mind that Rockstar Games hasn't yet released an official version.

Therefore, those versions of the game that are not supported by the developers can be considered illegal.

Those versions of the game may not be stable, as porting such a huge game on mobile devices that do not have the processing power of PCs and Consoles is extremely difficult.

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