Tech : IOS 12.4.8 for Iphone 6, 6 Plus, IPad Mini 3 and Others

While Apple's focus is on the next big thing - iOS 14 - while adding polish to the current release of iOS 13, the company has, in no way, abandoned iOS 12 users just yet.

Its time to grab a new fresh software for your iPhone 6, 6 plus,  5s,ipod Touch 6 and the likes of them, Apple is still Supporting this range of devices for the past few years now.

IOS 12.4.8 is an update from IOS 12. 4.7 to update your IPhone is so easy, Open settings an navigate to General - System Updates, Tap on download and install as the iOS 12.4.8 update shows up

You can also grab a laptop and Update your iPhone with the use of ITunes software or 3utools.


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