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Spotify could perhaps deals more damages to other prominent streaming service in Africa and here are why

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  Earlier this year Spotify extended it's service to 85 new markets including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Kenya, it raised a lots of excitement on social media, Some African Artist made way to the platform immediately making it easier for their listeners to get access to their Music first. I can say that Spotify had an increase in terms of usage that day.

  Being one of the most popular streaming service in the world After Apple music, with over 345 million user's more countries have access to Spotify since it's existence founded in 2006  (14 years ago), with it's headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden.

  That's bring us to what's new about this service to Africa Entertainment industry? We decided to dig in to Africa to know how they promote, and get access to their artist music as well as making it easier for them to listen and stream song's. Through our research we found out that in Africa a large number of people already had access to Apple music with some other streaming service like Audiomark and Boomplay although they are not that user friendly like Apple music.

  Apple music was dominating the Streaming service with a larger number of active users in Africa. The likes of Nasty C, Burna boy, WizKid and more number of Artists are always pushing  hard to make it to the top on all this Streaming service chat. There are also lots of smaller website that write and blog about newly released music with this blogs fans are able to know what is coming.

    When it comes to promoting music in Africa most, African Artist go about on their Social Media handles or Official pages to talk about their new projects or give their  fans  some snippets of their upcoming projects.

Also when it comes to Social media, Africa only have up 200 million active social media users and it's still growing. Nigeria have up to 33 million active social media users  thats a large number to address on about your new project.

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With the appearance of Spotify in Africa market it will be a big challenge to the present Streaming service in Africa. Some People are already used to Apple music and Apple music is the only Streaming service you can compair to Spotify.

Other streaming service don't always come in with Early Access to some Aspect maybe it's from the artist no body can tell. Boomplay and Audiomark are also lacking behind, Apple music always come first in serving immediate release of Albums and Singles.

Subscription to Apple music will give you more Access to Best Audio Quality, where as Other streaming service are finding it hard to play along. So with the introduction of Spotify to African market there will be a better opportunity to fill up the gap that other streaming services don't.

Apple Music and Spotify are the most recognized Streaming service in the world and they look alike. Subscription to premium on both Streaming service will give you the same access, they both support offline download and ability to crate your own playlist.

With other essential features price its just slightly different from each other plans.

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