Why Should You Be Listening To Olamide’s New Album?

The Very Famous Nigerian Rapper Olamide Who Has a Tradition Of Releasing a New Album Every Year, Is Here With Another Lp Dynamite This Year! The Name Of The Album Is “Eyan Mayweather,” Which Has 20 Tracks, Including Four Singles From The Collection That Were Previously Released.’ Bobo,’ ‘Matters Arising,’ ‘Melo Melo,’ And ‘Lagos Boys’ Are Among Them. Surprisingly, The New Album Does Not Feature Any Collaborations. So, Without Wasting Any More Time, Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To This Blog Buster Album Today!

You Rarely Get Any Rap Album These Days

You Might Get To Hear Tons Of Single Albums, But We Are Sure Rap Albums Are Pretty Limited! With Rap Getting Famous Day By Day, We Are Sure You Will Love To Have An Entire Album Dedicated To Your Favorite Rap Singer!

You Get Some Of The Hottest Singles In This Album

While You Are Busy Catching Up With The News This Morning, We Insist You Check Out The Music Charts Of The Entire Country. We Are Sure The Songs From The Album ‘Bobo,’ ‘Lagos Boys’, And ‘Melo Melo’Are Right On The Top! Nobody Wants To Miss The Play Button When The Songs From Your Favorite Rapper Are On The Top Charts, Right?

Nigerian Music Is One Of The Best Kinds Of Music To Hear

Since The Beginning Of The Digital Era, People From Different Countries Are Getting Closer And Closer Day By Day, And This Is Exactly When We Get To Hear Songs From Various Countries And Appreciate Them. Nigerian Music Has Always Been The Best, And Since It Has Started Coming Out With The Help Of Olamide New Album Songs, Things Have Started To Change. The Whole World Can Now Enjoy Songs From All Over Without Thinking About The Country Or Religion! The Best Part? Everything Is Available On The Internet Today, And You Can Have a Blast By Downloading What You Like In Just No Time At All!

You Are a Fan!

Since The Internet Has Control Over Who Gets Famous And Who Does Not, Olamide Is One Of The Most Talented Singers That Got a Chance To Showcase His Talent To The World. Since The Time His First Song Came On The Internet, The Whole Web Has Been Going Crazy Over This Nigerian Rapper, And If You Are a Fan Too, We Are Sure You Don’t Need Any More Reasons To Listen To This Delightful Rapper.


This Is Possibly The Only Mainstream Nigerian Album Without a Feature. Olamide Was Confident In His Dynamism And Ability To Carry An Album On His Own. This Was a Risky Move, And It Will Be Fascinating To See How It Pans Out.

We Are Sure Having a Look At These Benefits, You Can’t Keep Yourself From Listening To The Best Nigerian Rapper Today! So, What Are You Waiting For? Visit Our Website And Get To Hear Your Favorite Rapper In The Best Sound Quality. If You Want To Hear More Of Him, We Have a List Of Songs Waiting Just For You!

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